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 Critical Documentation Required at Submission For Obtaining a Loan

For All Loans:

  • Pay stubs (Most Current 30 Days of Stubs)

  • Federal Tax Returns for Last Two Years (All Schedules)

  • Two Most Recent Bank Statements, All Pages

  • (Checking, Savings, Money Markets, or Investment Accounts)

  • Copy of Driver’s License—legible copy required

  • For Purchases:

  • Complete Agreement of Sale

  • Copy of EMD and corresponding source of funds

  • For Refinances:

  • Name of Insurance Agent & Phone Number

  • Current Mortgage Statement

  • If Applicable:

  • Bankruptcy—Need Full Discharge Papers with all Pages

  • Divorced—Divorce Decree and Property Settlement Agreement

  • Retired—Copies of Social Security Awards Letter/ Company Pension

  • Dividend Income—Copies of Federal Tax Returns (All schedules)

  • Gift Letter and corresponding source of funds

  • Depending on the type of loan, additional paperwork may be requested.

  • Business Returns & all Rental property documentation including taxes and Insurance

  • K1’s

  • List of local recommended Lenders